How your goodparks rating is calculated  
This spreadsheet shows how a park's rating is calculated, based on your feedback. As you rate each criteria, notice
how the Average Rating changes. The table below explains what the different rating choices mean.  
Rating Score What it means  
Angry Camper 1 Terrible, horrible! I have been deceived. Give me my money back!    
Grumpy Camper 2 Poor. Could have been so good but wasn't - wouldn't risk this one again.    
Indifferent Camper 3 OK. Not good, not bad. May stay again if I can't find anything else.    
Happy Camper 4 Good. Could improve in a couple of minor areas, but I am satisfied!    
Ecstatic Camper 5 Excellent! Got exactly what I paid for, and more!      
Accessibility - Local Amenities (accessibility to shop, fuel, general consumer needs?)
Accessibility - Site's Facilities (accessibility to toilets, pool - facilities within the property?)
Noise (Were you kept awake by planes, trains or automobiles?)
Quality of Facilities (cheap and nasty, old and decrepid, broken or closed?)
Cleanliness of Facilities (spotless, grotty or smelly?)
Landscape (Grass/Shade) (manicured grounds - overgrown. Shady or no shelter?)
Friendliness of Staff (were the staff friendly, obliging and attentive?)  
Efficiency of Staff (battle with the computer - forgot to open the pool gate?)  
Return Factor (would you return to the property?)  
  goodparks rating  

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