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Whether you are using the internet or your local holiday guide to help you plan your next holiday, weekend away or business trip, the chances are that, displayed prominently next to the property of your choice, is the star or equivalent rating for that property. Unfortunately for both accommodation establishments and for travelers, accommodation ratings frequently do not represent either the quality of the accommodation nor reflect the experience of staying there. Travel websites are rife with complaints from travelers who feel they are misled about the quality of a property.

Goodparks.com seeks to provide independent ratings of Caravan Parks, Caravan Resorts and Tourist Parks. Consumers are invited to review properties that they have stayed at, providing feedback on factors such as customer service, cleanliness and the "X Factor", information that our research has indicated is of greater importance to guests than some of the criteria upon which current rating systems are evaluated. Our online system automatically scores the users review and generates a real time goodparks rating for their stay. That goodparks rating is combined with other users stays at that property to give the establishment a mean rating.

Benefits of an independent consumer based ratings scheme:

  • Ratings are real time - not as old as the publication you are reading
  • A ratings systems which is based on user feedback also rewards the small customer service based establishments that do not have the facilities which are required for the higher ratings with the existing ratings regimes.
  • More difficult for the bigger properties to throw resources at

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